Kushma Balewa Cable Car

Cablecar made by Ropeway & Cablecar Pvt.Ltd

Salient Feature

Elevation of Drive Station at Kusma  868 m
Elevation of Return Station at Balewa  920 m
Total Length of the System  550 m
Level difference between stations  45 m
Type of system To and Fro Bi-cable
Travel time  6 min (approximate)
Capacity  100 person per hour
Type of Carriage  8 seater closed gondola
Type of Drive  AC drive with frequency regulator
Drive motor  22 KW gear motor with automatic brake
Gearbox type  Helical gear
Track Cable  26 mm dia.
Haulage Cable  14 mm dia.
Communication  Intercom unit with two telephones set.
Backup system  35 Kva diesel generator