Kalinchwok Cablecar

Kalinchwok Cablecar Alignment

Kalinchowk Bhagwati Temple is a Hindu shrine in Dolkha District of Nepal. It is situated in Kalinchowk VDC in Dolkha at the altitude of...

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Kushma Balewa Cable Car

Cablecar made by Ropeway & Cablecar Pvt.Ltd

Salient Feature

Elevation of Drive Station at Kusma  868 m Elevation of Return Station at Balewa  920 m Total Length of the System  550...

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Bhattedanda –Majhkhanda Material Ropeway

Salient Features:

Total length:                          2830m.

Payload:                                 Two carriers with 300 kg.

Line speed:                             3m per second

Driving station:                     Bhattedanda ( Alt.1350m).


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Bhattedanda Milk Way

Total length:                            3110m.

Payload:                                 450 kg.

Line speed:                              3m per second

Driving station:                       Jhankridanda( Alt.1820m).

Revolving station:                  Bhattedanda (Alt.1350 m).

Skyline cable:...

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